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Meet exciting brands that bring GMP-certified premium CBD products to your life.

CBD oil

A portfolio of our brands reinforces our position as a leading organic hemp provider. The below mentioned brands are what we are proud of.

  • PharmaHemp brand was one of the first on the CBD market, back in 2011
  • BCM is Biocanmed’s brand designed and refined over years of experience with our family of users all over the world
  • DR. KENT is an active creams brand for sports and seniors
  • Mikka is a laxury hemp cosmetics producer
  • HerbaMedica is an organic hemp food supplements pioneer


Hero everyday products
for boosting health.

All natural, premium CBD extracts in a complete range of products and millions of dedicated customers. The Premium line is richer in cannabinoids, with a signature amber color and zero THC.

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Joyful relief for tired
and aching legs.

Combining well-known benefits of CBD with soothing herbal ingredients passed down for generations. Formulated to deliver targeted relief and support the body’s natural systems.

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Meet the new protagonist
of natural beauty.

MIKKA is an all-natural believer in greater skin for all. Beauty is just the beginning; health and happiness are what drive us in developing a holistic approach of high potency formulations that are gentle yet visibly effective.

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Affiliate Program

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BioCanMed works with EU based and global business partners that share our passion for Organic Hemp Power.

Join us if you want to share our passion and build your business foundations on the finest quality!

Working with us will allow already active CBD sellers, as well as new entrepreneurs who are thinking of opening a new business, to build their own, exclusive, portfolio of products.

We offer you our brands but also an option to create your own.

Want to customize?

Want to go regular?

Interested in premium quality products in large quantities? You can order also in bulk!

Welcome to the source of the highest quality.

Our bulk products are highly rated for their all-natural sourcing, independently approved quality and certified purity. Our range of premium CBD products perfectly fits the needs of many industries.

As we have plenty of experience, we are able to offer you just the right strain, perfect formulations, proper CBD percentage and cannabinoid ratio. Our environmental awareness and natural resources make us a perfect partner in increasingly demanding and environmentally conscious market.

Our range of bulk products

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Put your mark on it!

Create or expand your brand with
our white-label CBD products!

We offer support from just an idea to final products.

White label CBD products

With the widest range of all-natural CBD white-label products, BioCanMed in cooperation with PharmaHemp empowers you to be a part of the thriving CBD market. We provide a complete service, full support and a full-range portfolio of premium CBD solutions of highest quality and safety.

If you have specific needs, we also offer custom CBD formulations.

Whatever your market needs, we can deliver. High flexibility, innovative mindset, low MOQ (minimum order quantity) and prompt shipping of first-class CBD goods makes us an ideal partner for your brand.

High flexibility, innovative mindset, low MOQ (minimum order quantity) and prompt shipping of first-class CBD goods makes us an ideal partner for your brand.

From the first mock-ups, to perfect packaging.

Thanks to our long years of experience we are able to offer you a full support in making your own, unique and extraordinary packaging. We can design it with you, produce it and make it available for your every product.

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Get all the insights that matter most to you.

Fast and reliable
cannabinoid tests
in our in-house laboratory.

Whether you are a grower, producer or an aware user, PharmaHemp Laboratories offer you the data you need to ensure the quality and potency you want. With state-of-the art analytical techniques we determine the concentration of all major cannabinoids in your plant raw material or in your cannabis-infused products. Our profiling is accurate, precise and in compliance with Good Laboratory Practice (GLP).

Our Laboratories services can make a quantitative determination of cannabinoids with high accuracy and precision in compliance with Good Laboratory Practice.

Our partner Laboratories, apart from serving as an internal quality-control system, also perform quantitative determinations of cannabinoids for growers, producers and end users.

PharmHemp Laboratories

GMP Hemp Seeds

Growing hemp for GMP certified products starts from GMP certified seeds. We offer a variety of GMP certified, feminized, high-concentration (12%, 14%, 16%) CBD or CBG seeds that are appropriate for medical grow.

Our GMP certified hemp seeds strains are tested and always come with laboratory tests results documentation.